Do I need carpet padding?

Do I need carpet padding?

It?s easy to see why carpeting is such a popular choice, especially in Virginia's tri-county area, because it's got both aesthetics and function and comfort, all wrapped up in one flooring package. Please pay attention to carpet padding, though, because it protects the floor covering from the bare floor, enhancing your rug?s performance and longevity.

What does padding do?

  1. Increases the carpet's lifespan: Over time, walking or running on a rug creates wear; cushioning will absorb the impact and keep the carpet intact.
  2. Insulate sound. Extra cushioning absorbs vibrations from beeping devices, footsteps, and muffled conversations.
  3. Maintains room temperature. Carpet and padding both have a pretty high R-value and, when used together, the R-value increases. R-value is a measurement of insulation and, rather than transferring heat or cool, they hold on to it. So they'll hold on to the temperature.
  4. Increased comfort underfoot: It absorbs the shock from walking or standing on a hard surface and gives that bouncy, springy feeling.
  5. Makes cleaning easier: Padding absorbs stains and liquids, keeping them from soaking into the subfloor, which can be, honestly, a nightmare.

The proper padding is crucial

In fact, at our carpet store, we consider it as important as the rug itself, and it's not "one-size-fits-all." For example, some paddings can be too thick for your carpet, depending on your lifestyle. So consider both weight and thickness.

Padding comes in various materials, from rebond foam, prime, memory, and frothed foam. What you select will also depend upon your lifestyle. For instance, if you have a very active family with kids and pets, rebond foam will be adequate, but you may want to go with an extra durable one like frothed foam.

On the other hand, if you want something very inexpensive for a low-traffic room, you might want to select prime foam. However, this has tiny air pockets that can collapse, so we caution you against using it where there would be moderate-to-heavy foot traffic.

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