Carpet construction

The following are examples of Cut Pile carpeting. Cut pile has cut loops on the surface leaving individual yarn tufts. Velvet, Plush, Saxony, Shag, and Frieze are all cut pile carpets. The only difference is the yarn twist. Saxony, Velvet, and Plush all tend to give a polished, sophisticated look to your decor. Textures (Shag and Frieze') can hide footprints and vacuum marks. This adds a casual comfort and is great carpeting for a busy household. Cut pile is still the most popular carpet construction. (10) (9) (8)
The following are all examples of looped construction, commonly called Berber. The first image is a cut and loop combination. This construction provides a variety of surface textures and tends to hide unwanted foot traffic. The second image is depicting level-loop construction. This is made using uncut loops of all the same height. Level-loop carpet generally lasts a long time in high-traffic areas. The third image is the multi-level loop. It usually has two to three different loop heights, creating a patterned or sculptured look. Multi-level loop carpet tends to hide soil and foot traffic, providing good durability but a more casual appearance. (10) (9) (8)
Once you have selected the style of carpet that best fits your needs, please understand that proper installation and adequate maintenance are equally important issues to consider.

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Caring for Your New Carpet

It is important to vacuum your carpet AT LEAST once a week. Carpet does not wear from vacuuming. In fact, the reverse is true. NOT vacuuming allows dirt and grit to get down inside the fibers of your carpet and rub, causing wear on your carpet. A vacuum with a powerhead (beater brush and bar - such as an upright) is best as it vibrates the dirt particles for easy extraction and the brush raises the nap on the carpet. Spills and spots are easiest to remove when they are fresh. Most manufacturers now recommend having your carpets cleaned every 12 - 18 months to maintain your warranty. Don't forget, we can do that, too! Just remember, spot cleaning and shampooing can remove the protective coating that manufacturers apply to their carpets. We suggest you apply a fiber protectant spray after cleaning unless your carpet uses permanent fiber protection.

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