Custom rug services


Binding and serging - we have our own machine

We can bind or serge your CLEAN area rug or remnant (if it isn't clean when you bring it in, you will need to pay for it to be cleaned prior to binding). Or, shop our large section of remnants - we can cut it down to the size you need and bind or serge it for you, in store. We have plenty of colors to choose from, so matching what you have shouldn't be a problem.


We can put fringe on your area rug or Oriental or take fringe off that antique rug that is a family heirloom.



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Bordering and carving

Do you see colors that you absolutely love together but you can't find a rug that combines them? We can put borders on your rug and then carve it for a sculptured, detailed look.
Custom rug services in Amissville, VA from Early's Flooring Specialists & More

Interior decorating

Early's Carpet, Inc. has been providing an interior decorating service for years. An appointment must be scheduled with one of our knowledgable sales staff. There is an hourly charge for this service and a deposit is required before onsite consultation, measuring or selection recommendations are scheduled. Whether you're re-doing just one room or an entire house, we can help you achieve the customized look you desire!