Is polyester better than nylon carpet flooring?

Is polyester better than nylon carpet flooring?

When you start to shop for carpeting, you'll find many fiber options to choose from. And two of the most popular options are polyester and nylon.

Each fiber offers specific benefits that will serve your home well. But is polyester better than nylon for your home?

Polyester carpet fiber benefits

Polyester is more affordable than nylon, making it easier to fit into your budget. But it also offers some of the best color intensity.

This material resists stains well so that you won't have as many permanent stains. And it's one of the softest options for this flooring line.

Nylon carpet fiber benefits

Carpeting like nylon is a fantastic choice that provides excellent strength and elasticity. It's a perfect choice for high-traffic areas, with excellent resistance against stains.

These floors are easy to clean because they're so durable. Be sure to clean carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months for excellent results for up to 20 years.

Which is best for your home?

If you have areas of consistently high traffic, nylon is the better choice for your home. And it's also best for homes with pets and children.

But if your traffic level is low, with little activity, a polyester floor covering could be an asset. It's especially worthwhile in areas where decor matching is essential.

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